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Logbook entry: I follow the turtles from Hawaii to Nuiqsut and find Hawaii will follow all the way to the Kivgiq dance floor

Earlier on the day that Rex and Cortney wed, Margie was almost desperate to see our grandchildren, so she

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The wedding: high winds, lava, surf, coral, the surprise officiator; we dance to Apache songs

The wedding has begun... and it is my own daughter Melanie who is

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The hamburgers at this place were really good

In fact, those burgers were delicious. Superb! Right up there with the best burgers I have ever eaten. Expensive, too. Waikiki, within bow and arrow range of the beach.

The fries were pretty good, too.

They didn't have Pepsi. They had Coke. So I drank iced lemonade tea.

Soon, we will board the Alaska Airlines jet that will take us back to Alaska.

My next post will be the wedding.


Margie and I drive to the north end of the Big Island road where we encounter two jackasses: here's one of them; a birthday

Margie and I ventured off by ourselves today and headed north. We did not look at a map

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Puako Beach, Big Island of Hawaii: Here Comes the Bride

Here comes the bride, Cortney, with her mom Janet and dad Hal. Rex, the groom, awaits on the surf-pounded lava of Puako Beach. And I'm too wiped out to take it any farther than this tonight.

Maybe tomorrow night. Maybe not until I am settled back down in the frigid air of Alaska.

Yes, I am exhausted - but it is a good kind of exhaustion.